Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 AEAI Convention

AEAI board members and the 2011 convention committee are working to provide a great state convention this fall.  The 2011 Art Education Association of Indiana Convention will be held in Indianapolis at the Marten House Hotel and Lilly Conference Center on November 4, 5 & 6.  Plenty of opportunities to gain professional development will be available.  Professional growth points are available for attending expert teacher facilitated sessions.  Come and build your professional learning community with the expertise of top art educators from around the state.  Online registration will be opening in September.  Sign up to attend early so that you won't miss out on your choice of ticketed sessions.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring and Summer information

Spring- 2010 District 2 news and information

Greetings- hope that all is going well. Please contact me if you need anything. Please send me information about what is going on in your schools or district.

Baltimore National Convention- Over 4000 art teachers all in one place what a great experience. Lots of really motivational and cool experiences, contact me if you would like to hear more about my trip to Baltimore.

AEAI 2010 Convention at Fort Wayne Grand Wayne Center- November 4th, 5th and 6th Mark your calendars and secure funds to attend. The Convention Committee is working hard to make this an awesome event. If you would like to assist please let me know, we will need your help.

May Workshops- Saturday, May 8th- Basket weaving for Beginners to Advance and Saturday, May 22nd Fused glass Jewelry Workshops- Both will have a small charge for the materials and the supplies that will be provided. SEND ME AND EMAIL IF YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION. If you have any suggestions for workshops let me know.

District Two needs some county Liaisons Volunteers to help get information to your local schools and art teachers in your county about upcoming events and information. Please let me know if you can assist.

District 2 Meeting Dates- Other District Two meetings will be announced via email and Blog.

This Summer- St Mary’s of Woods- Art Teacher Retreat- July 12th to the 15th. Mark your Calendars- Hope to see you there for this revitalizing enjoyable time.

Contact Me! Please! Bret Bailey 260-609-2664 or or

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

St. Mary of the Woods Retreat

The AEAI St. Mary of the Woods Retreat is set to begin at noon on July 13, 2009, and continue until 1:00 PM July 16, 2009. This annual art educator retreat will include several workshops including ceramics, painting, batik, and tie dye filled with plenty of time for collaboration with other art educators from throughout the state of Indiana. The cost for this great opportunity is $135 for double occupancy with all meals included. Come and join in the fun when creative art educators gather. For more information contact Pam Anshutz or Rita Jacks You won't want to miss this professional development opportunity.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Causes on Facebook

Facebook posting relevant to the arts.
Change of plans for todays email. Let's take some more action!
Dear KAIPS Members, Yesterday President Obama today released his FY 2010 budget request to the Congress. It includes $38.16 million for the US Department of Education’s (DOE) Arts in Education program. This is distinctly different from years past; at one time, previous administrations proposed zeroing out this program altogether. This is important news about which I thought the membership would want to know. The arts in education programs at US DOE fund many important programs in school systems around the country; DOE also supports important research that helps us know how much arts education are kids are getting. For more information, you can go here: The President’s budget is the first step in the federal government’s appropriations process. While it serves as an important framework, Congress has the ultimate power to set change the funding levels. That’s where we come in. Let's make our voice heard that this funding matters and is critically needed. For information, you can visit Americans for the Arts online at /advocate.asp Click on the Capitol Letters "TAKE ACTION" and you'll be directed to a page that lets you write directly to your representatives. Or, take a peek at the Media Center. I've posted these links there as well Thanks and have a great Friday! MacEwen Admin To everyone who's been submitting your stories, I can't thank you enough. You are such an inspiration. I encourage people who are feeling deflated in any way to read the comments at go ahead and add one of your own. We are an amazing bunch. PPS. If you are not interested in receiving these e-mails or notifications, please click on the link below. Please do not send me e-mails about not receiving e-mails. It's really easy to opt-out. Thanks.
Facebook posting by MacEwen Patterson 11:48am May 8th, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Elementary Division Meeting is set!

The next AEAI Elementary Division meeting/workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 9, 2009, in Fort Wayne, Indiana from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
We will begin our meeting/workshop exploring new product materials at
United Art and Education Warehouse
4413 Airport Expressway
Fort Wayne, IN.
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM United Art and Education Warehouse
11:20 - 12:30 break for lunch
12:45 PM – 3:00 PM
We will reconvene at the newly remodeled Allen County Pubic Library in downtown Fort Wayne
900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, IN 46802
We will be entering the library from the parking lot across the street at 306 W Washington Blvd. near Dunkin Doughnuts.

The workshop is FREE to members. Space in the computer lab is limited. Registration is Required. Please register early.

To register e-mail your intentions to
I hope to see you there. If you have questions, please contact me.
Barbara Kuntz, AEAI Elementary Division Representative

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Youth Art Month

Click on AEAI District 5 to view images from the recent 2009 Youth Art Month Display at our Indiana State Capital. It is exciting to see what is happening in Indiana with art! Art teachers from across the entire state of Indiana are hard at work demonstrating the importance of art in 21st Century Education.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Heh all!

It's FAME week! Make sure to come see all the wonderful art and performances at the Grand Wayne Center in Ft. Wayne this Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22 . You can check out the website at:
for more details! Of course lots of art teachers are already participating but if you are not, make sure to go and see what all the hoopla is about! If you take some good shots, make sure to send them to Barb or Bret or me so we can use them as documentation for events in our district celebrating Youth Art Month. Thanks Barb for helping me to get on line for this posting!